Bird Specialists

Sit David Attenborough with Greylag Geese | 60 Years in the Wild | © Jon Aitchinson


Lloyd Buck has been training birds for more than two decades. Over the years he and his wife Rose have been involved with over a hundred different film and television productions. They have a team of birds specially trained for filming both on location and in studio situations. They also regularly train new birds for specific projects. Lloyd and Rose are the world’s experts at in-flight and tracking filming with birds.

We have our own family of birds that we work with exclusively for documentaries, film , drama, commercials and photography projects.

Expert bird handlers

Lloyds’ passion for birds began at a very young age and he has been lucky enough to turn it into a long rewarding career, he has an instinctive , intuitive way with the birds, and is also an accomplished wildlife presenter.

Rose was a nursery nurse for many years but with an interest in natural history and her nurturing, patient nature translates well into imprinting the waterfowl, rearing the starlings and other birds.

“Looking after our birds is a not just our career and job, it is a lifestyle, as you have to be there for them seven days a week, but we love it” says Lloyd.

“We describe ourselves as bird behaviourists and handlers,specialising in working with our birds for many tv and film sequences and because we always make sure the birds enjoy themselves we can get the best out of them without compromising their welfare”

  • The Bucks are remarkable people because when they do imprint, they form a bond they can’t break and it means those swans are with them for life.

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Please contact Lloyd and Rose, or their agent Jo Sarsby, by the following means:

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