Some of Lloyd and Rose’s work includes:

CBBC- Deadly Predators / Netflix- Animal Season 2 /Amazon – Worldwide Xmas Advert 2021 / BBC2- Chris Packhams Animal Einsteins / BBC2- Winterwatch / Apple TV- Tiny Worlds / The Little Stranger- Feature Film/ PBS Nova- Eagle Power / BBC2- The Natural World- Super Powered Eagles / Mcqueen – Movie / ITV1 Mcdonald & Dodds / BBC2- The Natural World- Super Fast Falcons / CBBC- Beyond Bionic- Peregrine Falcon / CBBC- Raven / BBC2- The Hollow Crown / BBC1- Life in the Air / Triumph Motorcycles- online commercial / ITV1- Bear Gylls, Britains Biggest Adventures / BBC- Natural World- Irelands Wild River, The Mighty Shannon / BBC1- Poldark / Stornoway- Man on wire- Music video / BBC1 Wales- Carol Vorderman- The Flying Engineer / RSPB- TV Commercial 2015 / Freederm- TV Commercial / BBC- Springwatch & Autumnwatch 2008 -2016 / Stornoway- Get Low- Music video / BBC- Natural World- Super powered owls / PBS America- Owl Power / Watch- Attenboroughs natural curiosities / Sky1- Behind the scenes- Conquest of the skies / Sky1& Sky3D- Sir David Attenborough, Conquest of the skies / Samsung Tab S- commercial / RTE- On a River in Ireland / BBC- Chris Packham, Inside the Animal mind / BBC- Hidden kingdoms / RSPB- TV commercial 2014 / BBC- Coutryfile 25th Anniversary show / Cbbc- Wild / Red Bull & BBC Earth- peregrine vs pro-biker / BBC- Steve Backshall, Deadly 60 / BBC Earth- You Tube Channel / CBBC- Live n Deadly / ITV- Joanna Lumley, Search for the Ark / BBC- Sir David Attenborough, 60 Years in the wild / BBC- Richard Hammond, Miracles of Nature / BBC – Wallander / Terra mater TV- Bird Brain / BBC- The Fades / Nat Geo Wild- Live like an Animal / RTE- The Eagles’ return / BBC- Chris Packham, Animals’ guide to Britain / TBS Japan- Mr Science / Channel 5- The Gadget Show / Nat Geo- Animal Superpowers with Patrick Stewart / BBC- Inside the perfect predator / NHK Japan- Inspiring life Europe / BBC- Blue Peter / BBC- The One Show / BBC- Top Gear / Channel 5- Will Work for Nuts / ITV- Trial and Retribution

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