‘Our Life with Birds’ Livestream Event on the 24th of October 2020

Due to our 2020 tour being cancelled this Autumn, we are excited to announce that tickets are now on sale for the ‘Our Life with Birds’ LIVE STREAM + socially distanced theatre audience on Saturday the 24th October  at 7.00pm GMT Tickets available from the following link – https://bit.ly/3mXoycK

Live from  and brought to you by http://@mcmillantheatre http://@JSMLivetours #livestream


New BBC Natural World ‘Superpowered Eagles’

We are really excited and pleased to announce the release of our latest documentary, a BBC Natural World called ‘Superpowered Eagles’, it will air in the UK on BBC2, on Friday the 20th of March at 9pm.

It features myself and ‘Tilly’, our stunning twenty year old female Golden Eagle, and also follows a pair of wild Eagles in the USA, so a great balance between the wild birds and myself and Tilly.

We had a wonderful time filming it, working with the same great team who made  ‘Superfast Falcons’, and we learnt so much about the secret world of Eagles, revealed in the film.