Some of the best of Lloyd’s and Rose’s YouTube Clips:

Web Exclusive: Peregrine and Bike Race Off

Falcon vs Car | Earth Unplugged

Winterwatch – A Game of Crows Part I

How sparrowhawks catch garden birds - Life in the Air: Episode 2 Preview BBC1

How do starling birds flock? - Life in the Air: Episode 3 Preview - BBC One

Barn Owl vs Peregrine Falcon vs Greylag Goose | Super Powered Owls | BBC

Experiment! How Does An Owl Fly So Silently? | Super Powered Owls | BBC


Slow Motion Pigeon Clap

Slow Motion Barn Owl Attack

Falcon vs Raven in Slow Motion

Peregrine Falcon Hunts Downhill Rider

Chris Packham with our Starlings

Rajec Water Commercial

Goose Chase

Ellie Catching Water Balloon

Ellie with Chris Packham

The Bird Man

The Talking Starling