Golden Eagle 360 shoot in Scotland

Tilly our nineteen year old female Golden Eagle has just filmed some groundbreaking footage, myself and Camera specialist Chris Watts travelled up to the beautiful Carrick Castle Estate in Argyll, where Tilly has flown many times over the past nineteen years, to test a new 360 on board camera for Chinese camera company Insta 360, the weather was very kind to us, stunning blue skies and good thermals for Tilly to soar on, the camera worked superbly, Tilly soared to an altitude of 4650ft, getting stunning images of herself and the landscape, and even managed to film herself air to air with a wild male Golden Eagle, something no one has ever achieved before.

We are really looking forward to seeing the finished footage when it is put together and out online soon, she is such a special bird, a real free spirit on the mountain, and such a strong flyer, we love the fact that it is what she has filmed herself, with no influence from me what so ever, just doing what comes naturally to her, she often stops on a crag for a little preen and  a rest, it is so interesting to get such a high quality view into her world that would otherwise be impossible.

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